Synergy Audit Group provides expense reduction management and cost savings strategies to companies nationwide. Since 1997, we have had a consistent vision of leveraging experience and technology to develop new and effective audit strategies for our clients.

Our Mission:  Synergy Audit Group brings value to our Customers, their Shareholders and Board of Directors through our knowledge of best practices in the Telecommunications industry; and ensure that every dollar spent is inventoried and accounted for.

Most companies are overspending on their telecommunication services without their knowledge. Our auditors are well qualified to analyze all facets of enterprise telecommunications services to uncover potential savings opportunities, billing errors, contract compliance and more. We do this all without making changes to your existing providers.

While companies implement internal controls, employ competent staff and utilize sophisticated software systems, these measures do not provide assurances against all losses in a transaction-intensive environment.

Our services are contingency fee-based, and provide our clients with an unbiased review of their services. Our extensive knowledge and experience help us to provide our clients with an average of 20% savings on their telecommunications services.

For more information contact Synergy Audit Group at (949) 588-9878 or e-mail us at:  Synergy Audit Group

Our President, Nancy Hyatt, knows firsthand how a charitable organization can change a person’s life, and was inspired to give back to organizations that provide help for those in need.

Synergy Audit Group’s telecommunications expense management and cost reduction services help Non-Profit and Charitable organizations address their unique financial challenges.  Balancing administrative costs, while at the same time ensuring as much revenue as possible is available for their programs, services and beneficiaries is an on-going challenge.

We work with their leadership team, staff and Board of Directors to address these challenges in two ways:

  • Telecommunications auditing and expense reduction management services
  • Percentage of savings revenue is donated back to the organization

Combined, expense reduction and donation support have provided our clients with the ability to become more streamlined; and in turn they are able to make more revenue available for their beneficiaries.  Truly a win-win!



Is Your Business Improving the Phone Company’s Bottom Line Instead of Your Own?

A true telecommunications audit consists of a complete review of all existing telecom services and uncovering and implementing measurable savings without changing carriers. Not all telecom expense audits are created equal!

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Looking for an Experienced Consulting Firm?

Synergy Audit Group is committed to providing expertise in Telecommunications Consulting Services for our clients. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience, and our commitment to excellence, provide our clients with peace of mind that their telecommunications needs are in good hands!

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