Consulting Services & Resources

Synergy Audit Group is committed to providing expertise in Telecommunications Consulting Services for our clients. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience, and our commitment to excellence, provide our clients with peace of mind that their telecommunications needs are in good hands!

Quarterly Audit Review: After your audit is complete, we perform a quarterly review of your services to ensure they remain efficient, accurate and cost effective—and we provide you with an updated telecommunications inventory.

Telephone Location Audit: Whether you are purchasing a new MLTS, implementing E911 service—or simply need to locate telephones throughout your organization—it is important to verify that the building/office number associated with each telephone is up-to-date.

Carrier Services: With our portfolio of providers and our Carrier Sales team we can assist organizations with new services, contract renewal negotiations and system upgrades.

Telephone System RFP: Purchasing a new phone system that is affordable and reliable—and that meets the customer’s needs can be a daunting task—Synergy Audit Group can help!