Customer Success Story: Southern California Grocery Store Chain

Contract compliance audit revealed an error resulting in $50,000 credit!


With over 32 locations in Southern California, maintaining an up-to-date database of locations, telephones, networks, and data connections is a critical component in this organization’s ability to operate smoothly. Ensuring efficient communication between locations and keeping their entire telecommunications network up and running plays a key role in the organization’s success.

Key Issues

Over the last few years, the company opened 12 new locations and the business continues to grow. The logistics and planning required from a communications perspective for this expansion was a sizable undertaking. Their very competent staff worked tirelessly to ensure the network and telecommunications infrastructure was robust, efficient, and cost effective.

Although the IT/Telecommunications group had recently performed and internal audit of their services, and had even brought in an outside firm, they knew they did not have the time or resources to keep up with their ever-changing communications network. Their inventory report rapidly became out-of-date, and they needed “another set of eyes” to ensure their services were in compliance with their carrier contracts, and that they were getting the best prices possible for their growing organization.


Working with their CFO and Director of Finance, the IT/Telecommunications team brought on Synergy Audit Group to assist.
Synergy Audit Group immediately began the audit process back in their offices; working directly with all of the service providers – engaging the customer on an as-needed basis. The first step was to generate a detailed inventory for each location, and for each provider, to ensure they were only paying for services they needed.

The next step was to review their services and contracts to ensure compliance. What was uncovered was quite a surprise! After a thorough review of the customer’s service contracts, Synergy Audit identified a contract compliance issue; the customer had been charged for services that were waived I their contract – this resulted in a credit to the customer of $50,000!

In addition, their provider billing cycles were streamlines; additional savings were identified; and the customer was delighted!

The customer indicated that Synergy Audit Group’s knowledge and expertise not only saved them tens of thousands of dollars, but that they will reap the benefits of our efforts for years to come!