Customer Success Story: Non-Profit Organization

Upgraded data network and still realized 12% annual savings!


For Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations, every dollar counts!
It is critical that resources are allocated wisely to ensure that program beneficiaries are well served. This Southern California Non-Profit organization took pride in its on-going commitment to its Board of Directors, donors, and the community to account for every dollar spent. Whenever and wherever possible, the staff made their best effort to keep their administration and overhead costs as low as possible.

Key Issues

Five years prior, the organization built a new facility that doubled their warehouse space and allowed them to better serve their over 300 partner organizations. After five years, their data network needed upgrading, but there was no room in the budget for this project. In addition, although the organization took advantage of State discount programs, and kept a close accounting of their telecommunications expenses – they knew they needed and expert in Telecommunications cost savings analysis to make sense of their bills and services.


With the help of Synergy Audit Group, they did just that! Within a few short weeks, the Synergy Audit Group team began implementation of a comprehensive plan to reduce expenses; which in turn allowed the customer to upgrade their data network – and still realize savings!

  • Generated a detailed inventory of all lines and services
  • Negotiated three-year pricing for a two-year contract
  • Implemented additional State discounts the customer was unaware of
  • Doubled Internet bandwidth within the current budget
  • The customer realized 12% annual savings!

Needless to say – the customer was very pleased with the results. The savings achieved meant that more resources were able to be allocated to helping others. Truly a win-win!

It is Synergy Audit Group’s commitment to put our experience and expertise to work for Non-Profit and Charitable organizations; while giving back at the same time!

— Nancy Hyatt, President, Synergy Audit Group