In addition to our core business of Telecommunications auditing, we have partnered with other auditing companies who specialize in Shipping/Logistics, Waste Management and Occupancy Costs that provide the same level of service as Synergy Audit in their respective fields. Our partners are leaders in their industry, and have provided significant savings for our clients.

Shipping Audits

shipping transportation modesManufacturers of all types from apparel to pharmaceuticals and high tech to machinery suppliers require shipping and freight logistics to bring their products to market and use all modes of transportation – light freight (UPS and FedEx parcels), heavy freight (full truckload, less-than-truckload), containerized overseas and air cargo. Read more>>

Occupancy Costs

Office buildings on white backgroundOccupancy Costs represent a significant expense that continues to soar on an annual basis. Most companies focus primarily on their investment holdings in order to contain costs and reduce exposure. Other companies are unable to devote the time necessary to identify and recover erroneous overcharges. Read more>>

Waste & Recycling

Our Waste & Recycling partner is made up of professionals with over 20 years’ knowledge and experience in waste & recycling consulting. They are able to take any business green throughout the country. Read more>>