Occupancy Costs

Office buildings on white backgroundOccupancy Costs represent a significant expense that continues to soar on an annual basis. Most companies focus primarily on their investment holdings in order to contain costs and reduce exposure. Other companies are unable to devote the time necessary to identify and recover erroneous overcharges. Our partner provides a specialized audit recovery service to uncover such overcharges that are hidden within complex lease clauses, convoluted reconciliations and unexplained expenses. These overcharges are at the expense of lost profits. The occupancy cost audit provides the solution to recoup substantial dollars in overcharges.

Our occupancy cost audit partner will review every facet of client’s leases to determine potential billing errors. Their comprehensive audit recovers billing errors, maximizes lease compliance and controls future occupancy costs.

They provide optimal results for the following expenses:

Common Area MaintenanceMinimum RentConstruction Costs
Real Estate TaxesPro Rata ShareStatement of Credits
Percentage RentUtilitiesTenant Allowance
Repair & MaintenanceSubtenant billingsInsurance
Unapplied creditsCPI AdjustmentsClosed store costs

Today’s sophisticated leases contain a wide variety of complex language that can result in complicated and incorrect billings – at your expense. Our auditors have a thorough understanding of the real estate issues pertinent to your industry and scrutinize all occupancy expenses.


  • Auditors possess backgrounds in real estate, accounting & retailing
  • Minimal disruptions to your clients and their staff
  • Capability to rapidly evaluate vast data and reveal overcharges
  • Audit team staffed by professionals with more than 20 years experience on average and dedicated exclusively to occupancy cost audits
  • Sensitive to client operations and confidentiality of legal documents
  • All go-forward savings belong to the client
  • Commitment to recover substantial dollars over the life of the client’s lease