Shipping Audits

shipping transportation modesManufacturers of all types from apparel to pharmaceuticals and high tech to machinery suppliers require shipping and freight logistics to bring their products to market and use all modes of transportation – light freight (UPS and FedEx parcels), heavy freight (full truckload, less-than-truckload), containerized overseas and air cargo. Some transportation companies themselves rely on final segment delivery using UPS and FedEx distribution networks while most fulfillment houses, media (printing and publishing) companies, medical/dental labs (blood and tissue samples; prosthodontia and cosmetic devices) and retailers (customer service returns, catalogue and store orders) manage carriers’ route, load, rate and surcharge complexities.

Our partner offers clients help with carrier contract negotiations, freight bill payment and audit services, supply chain optimization, logistical advice and much more.


  • Our audit partner is a highly experienced auditing and cost containment specialist – not a freight forwarder or a transportation company
  • Our auditing and consultation services are contingency fee based – no out of pocket expense
  • Our partner works with our clients existing carriers and rarely offers alternatives – no risk Supply Chain Optimization maintains current logistics while improving operational performance
  • Our licensed freight bill payment and audit software analyzes invoices to ensure accuracy, identifies duplicates and overcharges, allows for customized trending graphics and dashboards
  • We guarantee late delivery refunds; we identify and claim packages manifested but not shipped
  • We save our clients shipping expenses, staff time to manage, review, process and pay invoices